This timeline represents the events that shaped and take place in the comics you'll find on this site. Basically, my comics start near the end of the original Marvel run and continue to the present. This continuity does NOT include any stories made by Devil's Due.


June Cobra Agent Knox begins construction on a new improved model of the Battle Android Trooper.

After finishing the upgraded B.A.T., Knox decides to use it to kill a member of the GI Joe team as a demonstration. Her plan was to show Cobra Commander the advanced capabilities of the new B.A.T. and then hold it for ransom until he offers her more money for the design. She finds Scarlett walking alone and has the B.A.T. attack Scarlett on the street. Scarlett runs it over with a garbage truck to finally defeat it. She takes the head back to the PITT for analysis. (as seen in issue #153)

Knox returns to her Broca Beach design facility, where she is promptly seized by Crimson Guards and delivered to Cobra Commander. She lies about her activities, but ultimately reveals her treachery. Cobra Commander kills Knox. Checking her work, it is clear that the B.A.T. can be traced back to Broca Beach.

Figuring the Joes will surely find this out, Cobra Commander decides to lay a trap for the Joes. He orders that all evidence of Cobra activity in Broca Beach be covertly removed.

Mainframe finds a serial number on one of the parts in the B.A.T.'s head. After contacting the manufacturer, he finds out it was purchased by a company operating out of Broca Beach.


Recoil and Chuckles are dispensed to do recon in Broca Beach. As far as they can tell, Cobra is unaware that the Joes are about to invade.

Hawk gets authorization to take Broca Beach by force, to end Cobra's hold over that town once and for all. The joint chiefs are swayed by not only the threat these B.A.T.s present, but by the recent discovery of a Cobra run airline (as seen in issue #154). Considering the incredible threat that the B.A.T.s pose, virtually every member of the Joe team (both past and present) are reactivated for this mission.

The Joes invade Broca Beach. They roll through the streets meeting no resistance. The town appears to be going about it's business as usual. None of the citizens offer any resistance to the Joes. The Joes advance to their main target, the design facility. After surrounding the building, they blow the doors off. The building is empty.

Hardball yells to the other Joes that he has spotted a B.A.T. He fires his grenade launcher at a house. The grenade breaks through a window and detonates. The house explodes in a massive fireball. Suddenly, the entire town begins to explode. Massive explosions rock Broca Beach and it is blown to pieces. The Joes begin to retreat as they are bombarded by shrapnel.

When members of the National Guard come to help with the rescue and relief efforts, they find very few survivors. Virtually all citizens of Broca Beach perished. It is determined that the gas lines under the city ruptured from the damage caused by the house explosion (unfortunately for the Joes, no evidence of the truth remained: Hardball was really Zartan in disguise. Harball's body was never found. It was assumed he was incinerated while retreating).

All told, 25 members of the Joe team die in the assault (Banzai, Big Ben, Blast-Off, Budo, Bullhorn, Bushido, Dojo, Hardball, Lightfoot, Long Arm, Major Altitude, Mirage, Psyche-Out, Rapid Fire, Red Dog, Robo-JOE, Rumbler, Skymate, Skystriker, Static Line, Super-Trooper, T'Ginzu, T'Jbang, Taurus, Windmill).





The G. I. Joe team is blamed for the disaster in Broca Beach. There is no evidence that Cobra had any hold over the town. Looking for a scapegoat, Hawk and the team are held accountable for what are seen as thousands of civilian deaths. The Joes plead their case, but it is to no avail. The G. I. Joe team is deactivated and the PITT is decommissioned.

January A group of Crimson Guards form a secret alliance with the goal of overthrowing Cobra Commander. They are disgusted by Cobra Commander's recent decisions. The leader of this group is very charismatic . He is the husband of the late Dr. Knox. His daughter was in Broca Beach at the time of the Joe invasion and died in the attack. Several CGs lost family members as Cobra Commander did not inform anyone of his intention to destroy the town for fear that word would spread and people would leave. For his plan to work, he needed as many deaths on the Joes' heads as possible.

The rogue Crimson Guards begin to enact their plan. Using a campaign based around the fact that Cobra Commander has total disregard for his troops, CG's continue to influence more guardsmen to join their cause.

Snake Eyes, Scarlett, and Stalker meet at Snake's mountain retreat to discuss plans for getting Storm Shadow back. Current intel indicates that Cobra Commander is using a base in the mountains of Tibet as his center of operations.

June By this point, the number of Guardsmen in league with the rogues has significantly grown. Very few CGs are still loyal to Cobra Commander.

After getting the weapons and transportation necessary to rescue Storm Shadow and Billy, the Joes embark on their rescue mission.

One of the CGs has second thoughts and takes the plan to Cobra Commander. He only knows of 5 guardsmen involved. He orders those rogue CGs to be executed.

The Joes arrive at roughly the same time as the executions. They have snuck into the mountain base undetected and are waiting for the right opportunity to abduct their friends, who are being held in the detention facility.

Cobra Commander holds mock trials for the rogue CGs. The five men are sentenced to death without being allowed to speak. The rogue CGs are lined up against a wall to face the firing squad. Cobra Commander gives the order to fire, but they do not. Instead, they train their guns on the Commander. Troops still loyal to the Commander begin to fire on the CGs and a firefight ensues. Cobra Commander manages to slip out during the fight.

The Joes free Billy and Storm Shadow from their cells. The Baroness pleads to release her also, but Scarlett tells her she can rot for all she cares.

The Joes make their way to the hanger to find a quick way off the mountain. By the time they get there, the entire place is a awash in a Cobra civil war. They use this distraction to obtain a transport copter and take off. Once in the air the Joes make a surprising discovery. Cobra Commander was hiding in this helicopter and they take him prisoner.

The fighting on Cobra Island dies down as the group lead by the rogue CGs wins out. Their leader promises a new start for Cobra. He renames himself Overlord of Cobra.

March Back in the US, Cobra Commander stands trial for all of his misdeeds. He hires a hotshot legal team to represent him.
April The case is dismissed due to lack of evidence. Since Cobra Commander always wore a mask, they cannot prove for certain it was him under there the whole time. Since he was committing no actual crime at the time of capture, they had no choice but to let him go.

Storm Shadow and Billy are now living a quiet life with Jinx in Los Angelos, California. Cobra Commander comes to see Billy. Since his trial, Cobra Commander vowed to change his life and promised Billy he'd make up for all of the years he was such a lousy father. Billy has trouble believing him.
(as seen in G.I.Joe: The Internet Comics #1)

July Overlord begins to change Cobra from a terrorist organization to a legitimate state. He petitions the government to declare Cobra Island a sovereign nation.
November Looking to make peace with Destro, Overlord releases the Baroness to him.
May Snake Eyes marries Scarlett at their mountain retreat. Several members of the Joe team attend.
June Cobra begins manufacturing weapons and selling them legally.
September Snake Eyes and Scarlett move to Atlanta, Georgia and open a dojo.
November The U.N. recognizes Cobra as a nation, largely due to the fact that many nations wish to purchase the superior weapons and technology that Cobra is now making and selling. B.A.T.s are hot sellers.
May Angered by Cobra's dominance of the market, Destro decides he can no longer compete with Cobra's superior weapons. He decides to contact Cobra Commander and offers him the means to take back Cobra. Cobra Commander reluctantly agrees, seeing as he has no real place in normal society.
(as seen in G.I.Joe: The Internet Comics #1)
June Cobra Commander is spotted at a rally in the southern US. Much as he did in the early 80's, Cobra Commander is looking for disenfranchised Americans to join his cause.
August Cobra Commander visits Storm Shadow and Billy in Los Angelos. He says something in code to Storm Shadow that activates dormant brainwashing. Storm Shadow leaves with Cobra Commander, once again under his control.
January Cobra Commander has amassed a large army, all on Destro's dollar. Destro supplies them with the best weapons he can find, many of them purchased from Cobra through dummy companies.
June Cobra Commander uses his new army to invade Cobra Island. The battle is fierce, and thousands of troops die. When the smoke clears, Cobra Commander is victorious. Overlord dies in the battle. Cobra Commander retakes complete control over Cobra.
July The government decides to reinstate the G. I. Joe team. The PITT is reopened. The Joes are ordered to keep an eye on the new Cobra.
(as seen in G.I.Joe: The Internet Comics #1)
August Cobra leaves the weapons business, which was agreed to in exchange for the help Destro provided Cobra Commander. Cobra Commander and Destro now have a working relationship.
June In the first clash with the new version of Cobra, a team of Joes is sent to investigate a rumored Cobra plot in Asia. Word is that Cobra is attempting to broker a deal for a nuclear power plant in Narora, India. Claymore, Clean-Sweep, Scoop, and Tracker, are sent to investigate. None are ever heard from again.

Fearing the worst, the Joes prepare a second team to investigate, but the Indian government is no longer allowing any foreign planes over it's airspace. Cobra Commander had struck a deal with a militant group in India. The plan is to run against the President of India and put the militants into power. Cobra would then supply the materials for a nuclear bomb if they'd refine it and produce a bomb. Cobra is succesful in getting their candidate into office.

August The Joes catch a break and intercept a Cobra communication. From it they discover that Cobra has taken control of a Uranium mine in Namibia. The Namibians were fighting with Cobra for control of the mine for months. The Joes send a team to liberate the mine with the Namibian's blessing. Captain Grid-Iron leads the mission, which is a success. However, Grid-Iron is wounded in the attack, and subsequently dies from his injuries.
September Unable to secure a new source of Uranium, the newly installed Indian government grows weary of Cobra's presence in their country. Fearing for his life, Cobra Commander leaves the country vowing revenge.
July While on vacation, Airtight, Low-Light, and Rock-n-Roll have a run-in with Cobra Commander and the Dreadnoks (as seen in A Day At The Beach).
March Cobra begins building secret base of operations on the east coast of the United States.
September Viper is recruited by Cobra.
January Cobra finishes construction on the world's first stealth submarine.
March Viper is sent on his first mission. He is to steal a code book. He is captured by G. I. Joe
(as seen in The Viper's Tale).
October Cobra kidnaps Viper's family.
November Cobra breaks Viper out of prison. The Joes attack Cobra's east coast base. The USS Flagg is severely damaged in the attack. Countdown, Ghostrider, and Wet-Down are killed. Viper is pardoned after the battle (as seen in The Viper's Tale II).
December Viper enlists in the army. He is immediately transferred to the G. I. Joe team for training due to his inside knowledge of Cobra and it's operations.
May Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow die at each other's hands in an assault on Cobra's mountain base in Tibet.
(as seen in The End).
October A group of Joes go on an unofficial mission to Cobra Island to rescue Viper's family. Duke is severely injured in a helicopter crash that kills Altitude and Double Blast.. (as seen in Viper's Tale III)



"Ronnie Boy" Directed Energy Weapons Orbital Platform taken over by Cobra. Cobra plans on using it as an offensive weapon, first destroying the capital of India, then ransoming the governments of the world. (as seen in B.A.T. Uprising)


List of fallen combatants:

G. I. Joe

Big Ben
Cool Breeze
Double Blast
General Flagg
Heavy Metal


Cobra Commander II (Fred)
Croc Master
Dr. Mindbender (Ressurected)
Dr. Venom
Storm Shadow

Long Arm
Major Altitude
Quick Kick
Rapid Fire
Red Dog
Snake Eyes
Sneak Peak
Static Line

October Guard

Colonel Brekhov