by Louis Colli

Description: The original epic! It follows the life and times of a Cobra Viper, as seen through his eyes.

Description: The long awaited sequel to
The Viper's Tale
continues the story of the nameless Cobra Viper.

Description: The Joes invade Cobra Mountain! Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow battle for the last time!

Viper's Squad #5 Description: Viper, now a member of G.I. Joe, embarks on a mission to rescue his family from Cobra. 40 Pages!

Description: The B.A.T. attack has begun!

Description: The Joes battle for control of a space station and it's powerful laser!

Description: The shocking origin of Overkill is revealed!

The Joes battle Overkill in the stunning conclusion!

Description: Airtight, Rock N Roll, and Lowlight go to the beach for a relaxing vacation. But their vacation is spoiled when Cobra Commander and the Dreadnoks come to visit!


The Viper's Tale

The Viper's Tale 2: Redemption

The End

The Viper's Tale 3: Viper's Squad

B.A.T. Uprising #1

B.A.T. Uprising #2

B.A.T. Uprising #3

B.A.T. Uprising #4

A Day at the Beach


G.I.Joe: The Internet Comics
by Louis Colli
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